Friday, 12 August 2011

ASEAN Youth Convention

Asean Youth Convention was held in Singapore from 6th August - 10th August 2011. Three students from SMK Puteri attented this convention : Khairunissa Ebramshaw, Lim Li Jia and Resheni Boystembo. They were accompanied by a teacher; Pn Ting Sia Mooi.

The pictures below show what the students and teacher did, saw, learnt and observed throughout the whole trip there beginning from 4th August to 11th August.

The first night, we were brought to Vivo City for dinner. The students outside Vivo City.

The next day was spent at Singapore Science Center. We were there from 10.30am to 5.00pm.

After Science Center, the bus sent us to Chinatown where we did some shopping and had our dinner.

6th August....the opening ceremony of the AYC; held at Cedar Girls' School.

Mr Anselm Chu giving his opening speech. He is the Founder and CEO of Global Youth Convention International which organised this AYC.

Mr Rajaretnam...

The Cedar Girls' School....very big, spacious, clean and beautiful.

Photography session during the Opening Ceremony.

The girls had a chance to talk and take photos with Mr Rajaretnam.

This is an attendance taking machine at Cedar Girls'. Students coming in and going out of the school have to swipe their MRT card to the machine. The respective class teachers are able to check their attendance. The parents also will be able to check on their children's attendance online.

Orientation time....held at Sentosa Island. Students were divided into groups. The orientation was conducted by a committee of students (about 70 of them).

A friendly basketball match between the foreign delegates and Singaporean students. The foreign delegates are in white t-shirt.

The girls watching the match.

Prof. Bilber Singh giving a most interesting talk on Terrorism.

A subject which definitely opened the eyes of the listeners so much so that there were many questions asked during A n Q time.

Mr Eddie Lim continued on the same subject but from a different angle.

Powerpoint such as the above and video clippings were shown to the students to educate them on the power of media and how not to be influence everything that is in the media but to analyse and study the subject first. Most powerful message as the teenagers are the group that is most easily influenced and have much access to the internet. As Mr Eddie puts it, they are the native internet users whereas those above 30 are the immigrants.

A visit to the Singapore Parliament House. Another educational visit. The teachers taking a break before moving on to the next destination.

Junction 8 is a shopping mall. The students spent the whole day here preparing for their Cultural Show.

Khairunnisa rehearsing with her group.

Cultural the girls are in traditional costumes.

It's show time....Li Jia performing with her group.

The Malaysian delegates .... students from SASER and Puteri.

The Malaysian delegates putting on their show....

They sang '1 Malaysia'.

The hostel.....the delegates stayed in a bungalow at 616 Dunearn Road. There was a total of 73 foreign delegates and 9 teachers staying in the bungalow. Two teachers moved out after a night in the noisy bungalow.

Closing Ceremony was held at Dunman High School.

Expert talk on ASEAN-China Relations.

Ms Moe Thuzar giving her speech.

The student leaders giving their final speeches. Very able and capable leaders aged about 17/18. Elizabeth will be sitting for her A Level in three months time. A salute to the student leaders for organizing and carrying out the activities for the whole convention. Pretty impressive.

Khairunnisa receiving the certificates on behalf of the Puteri delegates.

Group photo.....

Puteri delegates with the student leaders, Mr Chu and Ms Moe.

Before we say farewell....

Another one for the album....

The teachers from Malaysia and Indonesia.....

Khairunisa with Miss Farahida from SASER who accompanied her through her week of fasting during the convention.

Farewell dinner to the teachers held at Pepes, Takashimaya....most delicious and sumptuous.

Final and fun all night long. The noise they's a wonder the neighbours did not call the police!

Thus ends the 3rd AYC....much fun and learning for both the students and the teacher despite some disappointments and frustrations here and there.

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